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We’ve Got Your Back (up).

CETEK Online Backup protects your data by saving every version to our secure cloud servers.

Once you've installed CETEK Online Backup, you can select the files you'd like to protect. The files you choose to back up can be accessed anywhere at any time. When CETEK is preparing your data to be uploaded to the data center, it's encrypted. It will be encrypted three times by the time it's finally at rest in the data center.

Backup and recovery for every file, on all of your devices.

  • PCs and Macs
  • Access all your data with any device
  • Recover your data to any device

We know you're busy. With scheduled backups, you'll never forget to back up again.

CETEK Online Backup's easy-to-use interface allows you to schedule your backups on a routine basis. Once you've selected the files to backup, and those backups are scheduled, you'll never need to worry to remember to backup again.

Recover data anytime, anywhere.

CETEK Online Backup believes your data is yours, always. Your account will not limit when you can access your data or the age of the data you're accessing. With your account, you'll be able to recover and access data via the website portal, PC and Mac software.

If you need to recover a file, simply use any of these interfaces to find and download it. Good as new.