CETEK Online Backup will protect your data every
single day. Here's how it works.

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Get started by downloading CETEK Online Backup software and create your account.

Choose the right files to backup

CETEK Online Backup gives you the freedom to backup any file. There are no file type limitations here. Select the most important files to protect, then schedule your backups.

Relax and let CETEK Online Backup protect your data

Schedule backups hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. In addition to scheduled backups, CETEK is actively detecting any changes to existing files. If a change is found, the file is automatically backed up.


Why Cloud Backup?
Because your data should never be in danger.

You probably know that your data is vulnerable. Data loss can happen to anyone. Cloud backup ensures that if a disaster strikes your data, you will be able to access it anytime, anywhere.

CETEK Online Backup will give you the power to:

  • Restore files in the event of deletion
  • Access and share files securely
  • Schedule backups for all files

CETEK Online Backup brings simple, award winning backups, with the power to restore data at your fingertips.

Mobile access allows you to access, view, and share backed up data at any time and on any device.

Your backed up data will be secure and stay secure. CETEK Online Backup's military-grade encryption means your files will be completely private and unreachable by anyone  but you.


CETEK Online Backup is powered by award-winning data backup and recovery technology.

CETEK Online Backup is the only backup software you will ever need. CETEK uses industry leading cloud backup technology powered by CETEK Online Backup. CETEK has offered flexible and secure cloud backup to homes and businesses around the world.

Industry Leading Technology

  • CETEK Online Backup software has been awarded PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for online backup four times in a row.
  • The CETEK software solution has been recommended by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.
  • CETEK Online Backup can backup to 12 secure data centers around the world. Including data centers in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Unique Backup and Recovery Features

CETEK Online Backup's software enables you to perform backup and recovery without any limitations imposed by other backup providers.

  • Backup and recover unlimited devices
  • Unlimited file archiving
  • Unlimited Versioning
  • Mobile access


CETEK Online Backup is the best value in online backup. Hands down.

CETEK Online Backup allows you to access your data through multiple devices and recover it with the same flexibility. All backups are secured with military-grade encryption.

A single CETEK Online Backup account empowers you to store all your data and protect your digital life.

Backup for Every Device

  • PCs and Macs
  • Access all your data with any device
  • Recover your data to any device

Unlimited Versioning

  • Backup once and keep your data forever
  • No 30 day limitations to storing your data

Military-Grade Security

  • All backups are encrypted locally, in transit and at rest in the data center
  • Data centers are secured with 24/7 watch 365 days, video surveillance, and biometric credential requirements