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Protect data from all file servers, PCs, and laptops, safe off site.

CETEK Online Backup is fast, secure, and easy to use. The software application can backup an unlimited number of PCs and laptops within a home or office.

In your home, office, or organization, you will swap out Servers, PCs, and laptops fairly frequently. Data stored on those devices may be lost if it isn't already stored on a Network drive. Automatic backups with CETEK Online Backup creates flexibility for IT departments or residential users who need reliable data backup, access and recovery.


Total data protection means total data recovery.

In short, everything on your computer or smartphone can be recovered by CETEK Online Backup. Automatic backups can be scheduled for every file and every folder in your business.

Backing up regularly makes recovery very simple. Unlimited versions of your files will be saved. When it comes time to access a file to download and recover, all of its versions will be there.

  • Recover photos, videos, and music files
  • Recover all versions of spreadsheets and documents
  • Recover desktop files